Five Tips for a Great Best Man Speech—No.4: Remember who your audience is!

Best Man Speech Tip #4
Remember who your audience is!

Maybe you and the groom have spent a lot of time hanging out at work, or watching sports, or in the locker room. It might be that you like to rag on each other pretty hard. That’s great, but remember that a wedding isn’t any of these places. And the audience isn’t just you and your buddies.

There’s probably going to be kids there, and elderly friends and relatives, not to mention the parents of the happy couple. So you need to keep an eye on your language. Sure, your stories can be fun, even a bit naughty, but choose your tone—and your vocabulary—wisely. The groom is the only person who should be made to feel uncomfortable by the Best Man’s speech!

How to write a great Best Man speech
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