Five Tips for a Great Best Man Speech—No.3: The Speech Isn’t About You!

Best Man Speech Tip #3

The Speech Isn’t About You!

It’s a great honour to be the Best Man but remember, the day is not about you! And neither should your speech be. Sure, you’re going to talk about wild and fun times that you and the groom have had together, but it should be about what he did, not you.

Make sure you thank and compliment the other people in the wedding party, especially the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Say how much you’ve enjoyed spending the day with them, and what a great help they’ve been to the newlyweds.

And most importantly, don’t forget the bride! Sometimes a Best Man speech only focuses on the groom and what a great guy he is, but a wedding is about two people, and the bride deserves a mention too! It’s always good to compliment her on her looks, but more importantly to talk about the positive effect she’s had on the groom, and how being with her has changed him for the better.

Maybe you were at school with the groom, or you’re college buddies, but you haven’t seen him in a while and you don’t know the bride that well. In that case, you should also talk about how much you're looking forward to getting to know her, and that you hope you’ll be sharing lots of happy occasions with them in the future.

And the golden rule—the bride should never hear something about her new husband on her wedding day that she didn’t already know. It may be cool to embarrass him, but the Best Man should never embarrass the bride. If you want to tell a story that’s a bit risky, check with the groom that the bride knows about it, so she doesn’t get an embarrassing surprise in front of all her friends and family.

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