Five Tips for a Great Best Man Speech—No.2: Avoid Novelty Speeches!

Best Man Speech Tip #2
Avoid Novelty Speeches!

We’ve all seen clips on You Tube of people giving brilliant ‘novelty’ speeches e.g., as a song, or a stand-up routine, or a TV show parody. One of the best examples I’ve ever seen was a guy giving his speech like he was the commentator on a horse race!

And when it comes off, this can be really entertaining, or funny, or poignant. But when it doesn’t…

Unless you’re a performer or have experience at putting together a show, unless you’re one hundred per cent confident in your ability to pull it off and to pull it off well, think very hard before you go down the road of the novelty speech. If you don’t have the time to write and rehearse a ‘bit’ properly, walk away!

How to write a great Best Man speech
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