Our wedding speeches are unique and written just for you.

If you need a Best Man speech, a Groom speech or Father of the Bride speech, we create one-off speeches just for you.
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This is a question we get asked quite often—"Can we see a sample speech?"

The answer is always, "No,"

Not because we're uncooperative—far from it! It's because we write every single speech from scratch. All the content of our speeches—jokes included—comes from you.

This is why we have face-to-face speech consultations (or Skype, if we can't meet in person) so that we can get to know you, how you speak, and to get a very clear picture of what you want to say.

This means that our speeches are all about you. Your stories, your love, your friendships.

Don't try to write a speech from a template when you can have a professional, bespoke speech written exclusively just for you.

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