We don't just write wedding speeches—sometimes we help YOU to write them!

If you've written your own speech and would like a professional's opinion, we are happy to offer this as a service. Visit us at +Adelaide Wedding Speeches to learn more.
We've just had a great #weddingspeech consultation that was a little out of the ordinary. This chap, who is due to the be the Best Man at a wedding in #Adelaide, was conscious that, as he has performed the role several times previously, he might have told some of his jokes before! Therefore, instead of writing a speech for him we acted more as consultants, talking through ideas and suggestions and working together to create a framework for his next speech. He is now going to put a first draft together, after which we'll meet again to refine his ideas. A slightly unorthodox way of working, but we are nothing if not flexible, and we're sure he'll come up with an outstanding speech.

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